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Welcome to CubaCityTour!

We offer personal guided tours of the two major Cuban cities--Havana and Santiago de Cuba.

We believe that not dates and facts, but human stories are what makes buildings and cities truly remarkable. We have assembled an entire collection of stories to help make your experience of Cuba's turbulent history and versatile culture authentic and memorable.

Let us take you on your Cuban adventure!

Adventures in Santiago and Havana

Santiago de Cuba--the city of music, revolution and rum. Whether you want hear its stories, take a ride in one of its Cadillacs, dance the salsa with its people, or simply sip a cocktail and listen to its beautiful live music; whether you have a whole day or only a couple of hours, we have just the tour for you. And if we don't have it, contact us and we'll arrange it.

Havana is mysterious, Havana is exotic, Havana is rich and luxurious, multinational, multicultural, multicolored and everything “multi” that one can imagine. It is not possible to define La Havana. Let us try to feel it, let us give Her a chance to enchant us – soul and body and carry Her home with us. To make our lives more colorful, more interesting, more sensitive…

About Me

Hello! I am Dr Stoicho Kyosev and this is my web site.

For twenty years I taught philosophy in Bulgaria. For eleven more I worked as provision master on various American cruise ships.

I circumnavigated the globe eleven times, visited 81 countries, befriended people from all over the world.

In 2010 I married the most beautiful woman in Cuba and built a home with her in Santiago de Cuba. Eversince I have been exploring this fascinating country and collecting its stories. I can't wait to share them with you.

I know where the best music plays. I know where the best food is served. I know how to organize all kinds of transportation. All you need to do is enjoy your unforgettable Cuban adventure.

Cuban Stories

Soft Drinks in Cuba

Did you know that the chef de cuisine of HM the Queen of England was Cuban? And her favorite dish is the well known (eh, in Cuba) tostones. They also call them chatinos and are slices of platano or fongo (another types of banana fruit, more soft and fluffy than the platano), plastered a bit and doble fried. To add to its luxury now and then they are curbing them and filling cheese inside. It’s not bad, especially the crusty ends, between the two frying they put them to soak in a marinade, yes, it is tasty, it’s good, but not that much – Her Majesty the Queen of England, ooops! In fact in the Cuban cuisine the most notable (at least according to me) are the products.

For ten years I was traveling the world, my responsibility was to supply the products needed by a cruise ship, we were doing around the world cruises and I am familiar with the products offered at the world markets. Tell me about it. I am well familiar with the Beef of Buenos Aires, the rock-tomatoes of Panama, the dragon fruit of Vietnam, the rice, umeboshi and umeshu of Japan, the Chinese pork loins, the baby octopuses of Singapore, calamares gigantes of Valparaiso, the wines of South Africa, the oranges of Acaba, Jordan, the strawberries of Port Said, the fishes of Sri Lanca and tell me something that I don’t know. And I am ready to guarantee, guarantee with my life that the best, the freshest, natural and juicy products are eaten by the Cubans.

Oh Lord, what fragrance are sending around the guaiabas, banana (they call it guinea),pineapples from the street barrows, the piglets are grown up on fruits, vianda and palmiche (one special fruits given by the national symbol of Cuba, the royal palmtree). And the pig becomes pork when reaches 80 pounds. Those Cubans, they are blessed to eat game, not pork. The fish is good, has a definite, strong taste of sea, the chicken is chicken, not the well-known strange ex-cons from the “civilized” farms, the tomatoes and cucumbers are tomatoes and cucumbers with their own taste, aroma and everything, even yoghurt is to be found that, shame on us, is definitely better than the one in Bulgaria. Eh, the lady is making it out of real cow milk, that is the secret. She is making it at night and in the morning – “I bid you welcome”.read more >>

The Cathedral of Santiago

It is a really impresiive cathedral and the stunning fact is that it was built only 30 years after Columbus discovered America and 7 years after the foundation of the city. Next to it is the first University in Cuba founded by fray Geronimo Valdes in 1722. more sights >>

Good to know

In Cuba there are two official currencies - CUP (moneda nacional) and CUC (convertible peso). The exchange rate is 1 CUC for 24 moneda nacional and you can exchange them in the CADECA offices. Moneda nacional is used in the public transport, in some of the shops, open markets, the street cafes and cantinas. Practically you can use the CUC everywhere but some products and services are so cheap that it will be confusing to pay with CUC.

When asking for a price do not forget to clarify whether it is CUC or moneda nacional. It is quite possible that in a restaurant some of the prices are in moneda nacional and others in CUC.

When using public transport bus (in Cuba they call it guagua) always prepare one peso moneda nacional because you just throw the fee in a box next to the driver and no change is given back. more tips >>