Tour at a Glance

starts at Any time
ends at Two hours later
sights to see * The Museum Diego Velazquez, the first Cuban University, the Cathedral of Santiago, Casa Granda, Casa de la Trova, the Herredia Museum,the Museum of Rum, the Museum of Carnival, Plaza Dolores and Enramadas (the Main Street of Santiago), Cuartel Moncada, Plaza de Marte *
/span> * We walk by the sights without going in any of them
price NO FEE
price includes All the stories you can hear within two hours

Orientation Tour - Santiago Historical Center

Orientation Tour - Santiago Historical Center (no fee)

Many of the sights that should be seen in Santiago are situated in the Historical Center and can be presented (not visited) within a one and a half hour walking tour. The idea is to get orientated what is what and what is where so that afterwards you can design your own tour according to your interests and the time that you have at your disposal.

Starting point - Parke Cespedes at the monument of Miguel de Cespedes.

Starting hour - to be arranged individually.


1. Museo Diego Velazquez - the Palace of the first government of Cuba.

2. The first Cuban University founded by fray Geronimo Valdes in 1722.

3. The Cathedral built in 1522. The Archebishop Museum

4. Casa Granda

5. Calle Herredia - Casa de la Trova.

6. Museo Herredia

7. Museo del Ron

8. Museo de Carnaval

9. Calle Carniceria. Museo Emilio Bacardi.

10. Cerano Park. Monument of Miguel Matamoros.

11. Walking down the Bazar street. The Place of Sindo Garay.

12. The Church of Sebastian Salas.

13. Walkin up the Enramadas Street to Plaza de Martes. Casa de Chocolate

14. Moncada

15. Walking down Aguilera Street to Plaza Dolores. The Jezuit school visited by Eduardo Chibas and Fidel Castro.

16. La Isabelica and down the Agulera Street to the house where Eduardo Chibas was born.

17. Parke Cespedes.

There is no fee, eventual tipping is up to you.